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Interested in becoming a member of Euzko Etxea of New York?

We're glad to hear that you're interested in becoming a part of our association. We wholeheartedly welcome fresh energy and innovative ideas!

Below, you'll find all the details regarding the membership options we offer.

For the Friend of EENY Membership, you'll enjoy preferential access to activities at reduced prices. Additionally, there's the opportunity to join the EENY team and take advantage of preferential fees for utilizing the EENY space for private events (with specific conditions). The yearly fee for this membership is $50.


If you're considering a Voting Membership, you'll receive preferential access to activities at reduced prices, along with the opportunity to use the EENY space for a private event once a year (with specific conditions). There's also the possibility to serve on the board. The yearly fee for this membership is $200 ($100 for senior citizens). For this specific category, you must prove by birth, ancestry and or lineage to relatives who heritage is established as having originated in Euskadi (Basque Provinces). Any individual considered for "Voting membership" shall be voted on at a General Assembly meeting of members in good standing. All applications for membership will be made to the President and sponsored by two active members who will vouch for the honesty and good character of the applicant (cf. present EENY By-Laws).


If paying by check, please make it payable to Eusko Etxea of NY and mail it to: 307 Eckford Street, Brooklyn, New York 11222.


You can also make an electronic payment using the Zelle App. Search for "Centro Vasco Americano Society Inc." or use our email address:


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further clarification.:

Let's stay connected!

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