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At Eusko Etxea of NY


Open: Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th, 12pm to 6pm.


Nitin Vadukul The Art of War , comprises of a series of photographs which pertain to the sinister and surreal world of the

warrior. In these photographs we see the warrior or the solider depicted in surreal landscapes and interiors removed from battle

and surrounded by a powerful visual canvas which evokes a dream like state in which the subject becomes almost poetic and

enticing, as if surrounded by a stealth like cloak.

Laura H Penalver The aggressiveness of the colour red is overwhelming: it can make us think about red as life,the violent red or

red death among other possibilities. Threatening red, too much pressure on a defenceless body. The penetrating look of

strawberry that wounds, the fall. Intimate feelings. Let feelings talk, through the image, through the colour!

Ines Medina As an artist, I started with a formal investigation, knowledge and the deconstruction of each plastic formal element, which are

included in an image–painting-until I reached the conclusion that is the dot, with its negative and positive qualities, the unique formal plastic

element utterly necessary to construct an image. The second part of my artistic research, as a female artist, was mental-organic, to deconstruct

the unilateral masculine bias, reaching the conclusion that is the seduction and ambition of power, the core of human conflict. It is why I

believe in the vital importance of considering The Unified Being, with its masculinity and femininity qualities within, to minimize the fatal

consecuences of the opposites -war.

Mark Orange My work uses a range of media, including audio, film, photography, and digital animation to explore

unpredictable narrative paths through architectural space. Recent projects have included a number of pieces that investigate

'open 24 hours' as an abstracting ideological account of the modern city, interviews with architects presented as site-specific

FM radiobroadcasts, and a trilogy of 16mm films that unfold a series of micro- dramas around architectural sites in New

York City

Matthew Riva The series Coupled Pulse is a journey to join the deeper sentiments of Humanity with Nature as a means to

define where we were, where we are, and where we are going as a Race; painting so we come face to face with Nature, with the

sea, the sky, the snow, face to face with Purity and Truth.

Sara H Penalver How many mysteries unravel when you blow on the nose of a cat?

How many mysteries unravel when your eyes become a pair of buttons?

How many mysteries unravel when your mother takes your breast to suckle?

Of all these I have found a conclusion…xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Juan Matos-Capote In “Raga for a telephone call and four paintings,” the artist composed an installation of four paintings he

made during different years and the edited reproduction of a telephone call he often receiveswhich offers him financial freedom

by lowering his credit cards’ APRs to pay the debts the artist accumulated while making his paintings.

Amadeo Penalver In the magic of representing my ideas, I feel and I give life, with a gesture, with the architecture of an aroma

or with a hallucination of the future. Always with the baggage of my past and the freedom of my dreams.

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